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BearPaw Digital Library is a free online portal providing information and resources relevant to Indigenous people’s rights and obligations. We use the platform LibGuides to share these resources. You’ll find legal education videos, podcasts, publications, literature links, reports, and more!

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New Video: (Re)claiming Indian Status

This documentary digs into the stories of Indigenous women and families to...

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Podcast: Understanding the Gladue Decision

This three-part podcast looks at the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court...

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Publication: Fill Your Wallet (How to Get Government I.D.)

Learn “how to fill your wallet” with government identification.

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Workshop: Hidden Cost of Impaired Driving

This workshop outlines the new laws and limits established for driving while...

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Our catalogue lists all of our legal education resources in an easy-to-follow format. If you do not choose to order through our Resources Page, you can find an order form in the back of the catalogue.

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