About Us


BearPaw Legal Education is a department of Native Counselling Service of Alberta (NCSA). Its primary mission is to develop and distribute materials designed to assist Aboriginal people in conflict with the law.

BearPaw Legal Education creates material for individuals and use in programs operated by a variety of organizations and institutions. BearPaw Legal Education also has a special library at its head office in Edmonton, Alberta. It contains hundreds of books applicable to the well-being of Aboriginal people as well as DVDs, newsletters, periodicals, and research reports and studies.

BearPaw Legal Education recognizes that Aboriginal people often feel alienated by legal and court procedures and benefit from support in the judicial system. Education is critical to progress in social healing and the understanding of rights and obligations when it comes to the law.

BearPaw Media Productions

Since 1976, BearPaw Media films have impacted audiences across Alberta and around the world. Created by a team of Aboriginal researchers, writers, producers, directors and production crews, BearPaw Media Productions videos explore issues relevant to today’s Aboriginal communities.

Our thought-provoking resources may help your community to:

  • Educate Aboriginal people about their rights
  • Foster new ideas and discussion
  • Increase awareness about social and justice issues

All of our videos are designed for use in a classrooms, workshops, and programs, and include public performance rights (PPR).