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Featured Publications

The Beginning of Print Culture in Athabasca Country

A groundbreaking new book from the University of Alberta Press, The Beginnings of Print Culture in Athabasca Country outlines the history of the development of Cree syllabics in northern Alberta, starting with Father Émile Grouard's 1883 Cree prayer book. The book examines Grouard’s use of syllabics and sheds light on the difficulties that this missionary-pioneer faced in transferring the nuances of an oral language into a written context.

Indigenous Peoples and the Law: Comparative and Critical Perspectives

Indigenous Peoples and the Law provides an historical, comparative and contextual analysis of various legal and policy issues affecting Indigenous peoples. It focuses on the common law jurisdictions of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, as well as relevant international law developments. This collection of new essays features 13 contributors, including many Indigenous scholars drawn from around the world.

The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book

The 500 Years of Resistance is a powerful and historically accurate graphic novel that tells the story of indigenous resistance to the European colonization in the Americas, from the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Six Nations land reclamation in Ontario in 2006. Written and illustrated by BC (Kwakwaka'wakw) artist Gord Hill, The 500 Years of Resistance is Aboriginal history as it has never been told before.

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