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BearPaw Legal Education publications are used in BearPaw Workshops and as independent educational resources that can be ordered. Many BearPaw publications are meant for use as companion material to videos and podcasts, so be sure to check out these resources as well.

New Publications

(Re)claiming Indian Status (Booklet)

This publication provides a thorough explanation of Indian Status answering common questions about eligibility, the application process and how to find government records that can assist you with your application. It also provides a historical overview of the Indian Act and sex-based discrimination including government Bills that changed the Indian Act and affected Indian Status registration.

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Legally Reclaiming Your Traditional Name

Legally reclaiming your traditional name can be a part of your healing journey and it may help you define who you are as an Indigenous person. This new wallet card explains how to legally reclaiming your traditional name, the documents you’ll need, and supports that are available to help you in the process.

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Other Publications


Get the FYI on a DUI in this easy to follow brochure. Learn about police roadside stops, driver rights, and legal limits for alcohol and cannabis. Also understand penalties including licence suspensions, ignition interlock programs and how to get your licence back

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Parenting and Guardianship Orders (Divorce) – Card

This fold-out wallet sized card discusses Parenting Orders and Guardianship Orders in Alberta. It gives information about the legal differences between parents and guardians and the rights and responsibilities of each, and what each Order can do. If you want to know about who can apply for each type of Order or what factors the judge considers in decisions about parenting and guardianship, this card can help.

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Click: Stories of Cyber Bullying

Click is a collection of three stories that show how cyber bullying impacts youth. This comic is meant to engage youth in discussion about cyber bullying and how it can be prevented. Be sure to check out the companion film, Cyber Bullying.

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Municipal Bylaw Tickets in Alberta

This compact wallet-sized card focuses on what municipal bylaws are, how you should respond to a bylaw offence, as well as what will happen if you do not respond. In addition, this card provides options for payment of a bylaw ticket, along with arrangements you can make if you are unable to pay. The back of the card includes helpful contact information about bylaws and bylaw tickets in Alberta.

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