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We have over 30 legal education publications to share. On the Resources page you can sort publications by the following categories:

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BearPaw Legal Education publications are used in BearPaw Workshops and as independent educational resources that can be ordered. Many BearPaw publications are meant for use as companion material to videos and podcasts, so be sure to check out these resources as well.

New Publications

Youth Going to Court - Information Card

Going to youth court? Follow some simple tips to ensure you give yourself the best chances during your court appearance.

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Radiant Goes to Court - Colouring Storybook

The Radiant Goes to Court Colouring Book is based on the BearPaw Digital Short cartoon that tells the story of nine-year-old Radiant and her concerns about having to testify in court.

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Other Publications

Click: Stories of Cyber Bullying

Click is a collection of three stories that show how cyber bullying impacts youth. This comic is meant to engage youth in discussion about cyber bullying and how it can be prevented. Be sure to check out the companion film, Cyber Bullying.

Municipal Bylaw Tickets in Alberta

This compact wallet-sized card focuses on what municipal bylaws are, how you should respond to a bylaw offence, as well as what will happen if you do not respond. In addition, this card provides options for payment of a bylaw ticket, along with arrangements you can make if you are unable to pay. The back of the card includes helpful contact information about bylaws and bylaw tickets in Alberta.

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Every Child Needs A Family

This resource outlines the differences between Kinship Care and Foster Care for potential Kinship and Foster Care providers. It examines the rights and obligations of those involved, including foster or kinship care providers, biological parents and fostered children.

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Emergency Protection Order (Pocket Card)

Learn how to protect yourself from family violence. This pocket-sized card explains in detail how to obtain an Emergency Protection Order. It provides step-by-step information and contacts to help you through this process.

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