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(Re)claiming Indian Status

This documentary digs into the stories of Indigenous women and families to reclaim their Indian Status through their fight for the elimination of sex-discrimination in the Indian Act. It highlights the impacts of the law on individuals, families and communities. Since the passing of Bill S-3 and its amendments, thousands of Indigenous people are now eligible for Indian Status. This video also includes Status eligibility information and recommendations for finding family records.

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DUI...FYI: Impaired Driving

It’s never safe to drive impaired. Provincial penalties, criminal offences, legal limits… what does it really mean to drive impaired? What happens at a roadside stop? Do you have any rights when police suspect you of driving impaired?

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Learning Disabilities in School (Alberta)

The discovery of a learning disability at school can feel overwhelming to parents and their child. A teacher may suspect a learning disability if the child consistently struggles with any of the following: learning, physical ability, behaviour, emotional control, or communication. In Alberta, the law gives parents the right to make decisions about their child’s education. This video will help guide parents through the assessment process, the development of an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) and how to work with the school’s recommendations for the child. Through this journey parents and school staff will learn how to build on the child’s strengths to achieve success in school.

Radiant Goes to Court

Nine-year old Radiant has to testify in Court tomorrow and is very worried about it. Join her and her friends Muskwa and Raven in BearPaw Media Productions’ first ever educational cartoon! Learn about the basic concepts of Court and common testimonial aids designed to keep children comfortable and safe while testifying as either victims or witnesses. There is also an accompanying colouring book to go along with this 3 minute cartoon.

Just Cause 3: Money Matters

Are you avoiding phone calls because of Collection Agencies? Wondering if bankruptcy is right for you? Is that Lease-To–Own couch right up your alley? Have you ever regretted a Pay Day loan? Well this video is for you!! Edna Rain and Nathan Alexis are back as a notoriously negligent Kokum/Grandson duo, spending cash anywhere and everywhere they go. Just Cause 3 delves into Money Matters that will have you laughing all the way to the bank.

Understanding Aboriginal Identity

This film examines the complex issue of self-identification for Indigenous people. Today, Indigenous identity remains inextricably linked with past government legislation and continued stereotyping of Indigenous people in the media and Canadian history. From a Métis farm in rural Alberta to the offices of Canada’s leading scholars, Understanding Aboriginal Identity explores the factors that shape us.

Wahkohtowin: Cree Natural Law

Wahkohtowin means “everything is related”. Cree Elders believe that individuals, communities, and societies following the teachings of wahkohtowin will be healthier. This discussion between four Elders offers insight into differences between Canadian Law and Cree Natural Law, and establishes why Natural Law is needed in today’s society.

Lateral Violence

Lateral violence – putdowns, backstabbing, and sabotage occurring within a discriminated-against group – is a serious yet little-discussed problem in Aboriginal society. Hosted by Tantoo Cardinal, this BearPaw bestseller explores the problem, and challenges viewers to help break the cycle that perpetuates it. Over 5000 copies of Lateral Violence have been distributed worldwide, from the far reaches of the Arctic Circle to the Australian outback.