Booking workshops with BearPaw Legal Education & Resource Centre

BearPaw Legal Education & Resource Centre (BLERC) provides free workshops on request. Facilitator and coordinator Nadine Calihoo travels to communities throughout the province to provide workshops on various legal subjects, outlining individual rights and responsibilities. The service helps people receive education needed to navigate certain legal situations, but also inspires them to nurture positive growth.

Meet Nadine
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Meet Nadine

Nadine Calihoo has been working with Native Counselling Services of Alberta (NCSA) for 15 years. She started as a criminal and family courtworker in Hinton, Alta. Because of Nadine’s experience she took on the role of interviewing judges, Crown prosecutors, police and courtworkers in 2005 for the Legal Education Needs Survey (LENS). She sums up the document by saying Aboriginal people needed more than courtworkers to help them get through legal processes. At the end of the day clients are often still left with the overwhelming sense of "what just happened here?" Today workshops continue to fulfill those needs with accessible information.

For more information or to book a workshop:
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NEW! Finding Your Biological Family

The legal process of reunification with your biological family

NEW! Reporting Sexual Assault

Find out the reporting process for victims of sexual assault 

NEW! Children Going To Court (as witnesses, defendants, victims)

Learn about the court process, what resources are available and considerations made in respect to children


NEW! Matrimonial Real Property on Reserve

 Matrimonial Interests & Rights Act and how it applies to you

F.A.S.D. & The Law

Helping those with FASD who are in conflict with the law

Going to Court

Step by step through the process

Kids and the Law

The relationship between Natural and modern-day law

Family Group Conferencing

A collaborative, traditional approach to child apprehension

Just Cause

Your rights and responsibilities when dealing with police

Aboriginal Hunting , Fishing & Trapping (Now Including Firearm Regulations)

Making sense of treaty issues and constitutional rights